Saturday, July 28, 2007

...that I decided.

I saw an infomercial last week, their slogan was Decide. Commit. Succeed. Deciding is my biggest obstacle in life, or not deciding, I dunno I can't decide. A lot of times I know what I want, then I try to figure out if that will work for everyone else, it does not, it cannot. So maybe deciding isn't the problem, it's committing. Maybe I need therapy. My husband would laugh, (chuckle quietly to himself), he's always commending me for my decisiveness. Maybe he should be commending my committedness, because when I do commit I am a freight train with no brake system.

I'm a middle child I feel that I have to make everyone happy. When I say that outloud it always reminds me of a story I once heard about a boy and his grandfather taking their donkey to market. Well every neighbor that they passed had a different idea about how they could better transport the donkey, eventually the boy and his grandfather ended up carrying the donkey. At this point in the story I see the ridiculousness of the whole thought of trying to please others, I still try though.
Well as all good stories go, this one has an ultimate life lesson, the boy and his grandfather are carrying this donkey on their shoulders, they come to a bridge spanning a great crevasse, well one of them trips on a loose board and the donkey flies over the railing and plummets to his death.

The moral: If you try to please everyone you'll lose your ass.

So today I decided to DECIDE. COMMIT. SUCCEED.
Tomorrow I'll decide what to decide on.

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Sohl Gal said...

Annie, this is HILARIOUS! I really, really enjoyed this post!

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