Friday, February 20, 2009

...I'm putting me back on the list

Oprah has apparently challenged the drones to do so. It sounds so grown up. But I guess list making is a pretty grown up thing to do. Even Big Boy isn't in the list making phase of life, that may have more to do with genetics however.

Lists don't work for me. For one, I can never remember where I put the list. For two, I am a rule breaker. The "Shoplifting is a crime" signs only serve as a reminder that "I could steal this". I never have, stealing isn't in my bag of evil goodies. If they want to be more effective, just remind me to put it on your high interest credit card by offering me a free orphan with every credit card purchase, be sure to picture said pathetic orphan, it would get me every time. If I put something on a list, it's like I have to not do it, I'm a rebel. Just go and look in old posts for lists I've already made....

Also, I would need more specific list activity. If it were simply to say "me" on my list, I still wouldn't know what to do with myself. Nails, hair, lunch with a friend. Me, is simply too ambiguous for me. Of course, who needs reminded to get their nails and hair done, or to call a friend for lunch? I need to be reminded to clean the kids bathroom. I'm never in there, never interested in going in there, assuming someone else is taking pride in said bathroom and keeping up with it. They're not. Those are the things I need to be reminded of, not "shopping for new shoes".

So, I guess I lied.

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