Saturday, December 27, 2008

...I've really enjoyed my girls

I have two girls and four boys, God knew what he was doing. My girls are the bookends to the family. Technically, Princess is technically Twin B, but if you know her you know she is totally Twin A. Truth be told, when I found out I was preggers with Big Girl, I cried and cried. I have issues with my own mother, and did not want to be a mother to a daughter who would likely have issues with me because I never learned how to parent a daughter.

I did not want that daughter, but she saved my life.

Four years ago, I had that daughter and a house full of boys. We were contemplating an addition of a baby, I decided we should ask for a girl. We got a Princess.

I wanted that daughter, I saved her life.

Over the years it has become increasingly obvious that I do not relate well with girls. Especially ones that I live with. I am not close to any of my three sisters, I barely started having girl friends, and not until I was well into my thirties.

I have been trying to understand the male/female image of God thing. I have been trying to see it in my girls. I know they long to be sought after. I know they want all of my attention. I know they want me to be interested in things that I do not care about, because they do. I just don't get it. Feel free to judge.

During the break Princess has slept in. This makes for a happy Princess. She is not a morning person. She needs her beauty rest. During the break she has been very sweet. Yesterday, Daddy was taking the trips on a "sidewalk" as we call them, and when he walked off with her brother she said "oh I will miss him" and when he returned she ran across the yard to hug and kiss him. SWEET. Tonight she took a late nap and is up way after everyone else. She is teaching me all sorts of things like.....

"you can make squishy cookie things with chocolate over the fire in the forest and they are called hot dogs."

"there are no sinks in the forest"

She can also recite the entire screenplay of any movie she's ever seen.

Girls are fun when there are no boys. Add boys, and we fight each other for their attention, why is that?

Big Girl is flying out to meet her father tomorrow. When I say meet, I mean meet. I've not spoken to him in 8 years, seen him in twice that. This is a rabbit trail, what I meant to say was she is leaving tomorrow and so I took her and her bff, also named Big Girl, we call her Other Big Girl, out for steaks. It was fun. We got to share my traumatic, "Oh crap I'm preggers and getting kicked out of Bible College" story. Laugh at the lunacy that is my family. We just had an all around fun time, and even ran into some old friends. She is flying directly back to school so it will be awhile before I see her again.

So, while I'm a little late to the party, at least I'm here, and I'm trying to figure it all out. And tomorrow when I get to play Kingdom for the 200th time since yesterday, I will enjoy it, because I can.

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Benny said...

Nice to meet you Annie. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I too have had issues with woman to woman relationships over the years. I am glad to see that you have found joy in your relationship with your daughters. I hope to see that growing in my relationship with mine as well.


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