Monday, November 10, 2008

...I'm going to whine a bit.

I'm a little peeved, first reading blogs where they started their homestudies in June and have already adopted. That's June of this year, not 2003 which is when we were first certified, so back that up a year and there's the first homestudy. Still no adoption.

Second peeve of the day, people who say "help" and then never respond to the "how" I throw back. Stopping there would be annoying enough, but those people tend to take it a step further and complain they can never get anyone to help. Be warned, if you ever ask me how you can help, I have a list, so don't ask if you don't want to help. Also, if I offer to help, I am up for just about anything.

Next, people who don't ask for my help, because I "have the kids". That does not mean that I can't help if you are in need, but if you don't ask, don't complain that you were there until 2 a.m. because no one showed. I also have a husband and at least two sitters, not to mention my own friends who would help me if I needed to help you.

Last but not least, the kids having to retest their limits periodically. The rules have been the same for several years, they aren't going to change because you are on the floor wailing.

That's all for now.


Tracey said...

WOW!! Very interesting...would love to have been a fly on the wall for all the the details of this one!!

DA Wagners said...

My kids try the floor wailing attempt as well! It must be something innate in all of us. I can't help but think that I do the wailing thing to God all the time, except my floor just happens to be planet earth!

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