Sunday, November 9, 2008

...I realized what I could be doing.

This weekend the babies (I really need to stop calling them that) were having a sleepover with friends. A much needed mommy break. IT WAS SO BORING AROUND HERE. Big Boy is 15 and was sick to boot, so there was no drama with him. Radical, who is nine is very independent, and he had a friend over. His only need was for me to make them pancakes, after that they were at the school playground, and searching the neighborhood for friends. Hubby has his ministry group on Saturday mornings. So, there I was bored.

So, I caught up on some emails. There is a group from our church going somewhere to drill wells for Living Water International. I could have done that. I have about 15 business ideas floating around my head at any given time. I could do any of those things. I could have also slept 'til noon, and no one would have missed me. All things that I think I REALLY want to do. REALLY, I would like to be able to sleep until noon, I couldn't.

I eventually decided that there was nothing more worthwhile than what I am already doing. There will always be wells to drill, and money to make, and time to sleep. My kids are here for such a time as this, and while the other things will be there for me when the time comes, kids are only kids for a season. I'm not saying that I won't do any of the above, it's just not the right time. And I married well, so when I need a nap, I can get one.

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