Tuesday, October 7, 2008

...people are idiots

So, maybe it's just that I have lived a little to far inside my Christian bubble for too long, but how annoying is this? Not the story, the comments. I haven't seen Fireproof yet, but from what I've heard, OK acting, good message. So, Kirk had the producers hire his real wife, so that he could keep the commitment he had made to his real wife, that he wouldn't kiss another woman, ever, even for a paycheck. Good for him.

Of course, the article by the SFGate is making fun. "It's only acting." "Grow up." "He's gay." Someone needs to go and check with Jennifer Aniston as to how she feels about the whole thing. I bet, in hindsight, she'd have been happy to fly halfway 'round the world, to be a kissing stand in in Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It's only acting, right?

One of the comments made the statement that it's one of the perks of acting. Getting to make out with hot actresses. Really? Is that a perk? It's about as perky as internet porn. "Naked, airbrushed perfect women, delivered right to my desktop? Course the woman who birthed three of my children can't compete, but who needs her, I've got naked, faked women."

Spooky, how this ties in with the show I watched last night. The Duggars, yes 17 Children and Counting, now have a weekly show. Doing shows annually missed a couple of pregnancies, so we have to be there weekly to keep up with their reproductive habits. Last night, their eldest J, Josh, got engaged. This is to a woman who he's known for a couple of years. They've never dated. His family and hers knew each other from homeschooling conventions, but she had made the commitment to not pursue marriage until she was 20. So, on her 20th birthday, Josh Duggar flies from Arkansas to Florida to pop the question. "What? They've never dated?" Nope, they had separately sought God on the matter, and decided that God would have them to get married. So, he calls her dad, asks if he can propose, yep, ok, he does, she says yes.

So, now that they are engaged, and courting, not dating, they are spending the time getting to know each other. No, kissing. Hand holding is as far as we go until we are married. Sister Jinger reports that it will be a "short engagement". And just in case you were wondering, Josh and Amy will be "trusting God" as to the size of their family. So, everywhere that Josh and Amy go, until they are married, they will have a chaperone. No, alone time. If you are a Duggar, I'm sure you can appreciate the ramifications of "alone time".

This seems cool. I sooooo didn't do it, but seems really God honoring. All of the Duggars who are of normal dating age have made the commitment to courting as opposed to dating. So that they will have never kissed anyone other than their spouse. Of course TLC couldn't wrap their heads around this, and the whole show was a lot of questions as to why, and how and why not?

Having kissed my share of frogs, I can appreciate this. I'm wondering how I can teach that to my children. Although too late for the oldest two, but can I get the message across to the younger four? Do I want to? I guess it may be a response to the extremes in the other direction. Maybe we just need to keep the tv off. Who knows?

I am glad that Kirk Cameron is willing to take the well predicted flak about this. He cares less about what the world thinks of him than how his wife feels. That, in my opinion, takes a really big man. And as for Josh and Amy, congrats and good luck. There's lots of time for kissing later.


Tracey said...

Hadn't seen the latest about the Duggers...interesting....not sure it's reality...whatever works for them....

JustTheFactsMa'am said...

GOOD for Kirk Cameron! Hubby and I are huge fans of his, especially since he teamed up with Ray Comfort's ministry (Way of the Master). It's so nice to see someone in Hollywood who doesn't sell out their spouse. Great point about Jennifer Aniston, by the way.

I love the courtship idea, too. I don't know why it would have to be impractical if one puts his/her mind to it. To my way of thinking, it shows that the pair is very evenly matched to be so like-minded.

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