Monday, October 13, 2008 which we are entirely surrounded by water.

And there is no school. There are currently five kids in the house, I'll be accepting wagers until noon local time as to how many we end up with this evening. For you Vegas types, I'll also accept wagers as to what time they go to bed, and how many drinks I have while watching "My Own Worst Enemy."

You don't win anything, except the knowledge that you were right. It's a self esteem builder. No, wait, you all win, just for playing. Nothing builds self esteem faster than being exactly like everyone else.

For full discloser, Felpsy just got yelled at for hanging from the curtain rod, and it's not even ten. Booger has been wanting to play dress up with our 12 year old dog. Crotchety old man does not begin to do justice to the dog's current disposition, and for some reason, despite being bit, Booger just doesn't understand the growl.

Big Boy will probably go hang at the mall, which would be fine, except that we have a bomb thrower about town. Two incidents at the mall, and one at Walmart in the past 60 days. (I did double check and he doesn't fit the description.) And fortunately the bomb thrower is not good at making them, so no one has been hurt.

I doubt the little boys will be able to resist the urge to "just go outside" where they will no doubt "fall in the mud." Despite the fact that they are the most coordinated children ever, something about the mud in this part of the country sucks them in. It's predatory mud, they have no choice but to go along.

So, wish me luck, and thanks to the guy who "discovered" an inhabited land. At least it isn't snowing.

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Cast of Characters

  • BOB - Born of the body children
  • BOTH - Born of the heart children
  • Roran aka Big Girl - 18 year old BOB daughter - recently booted from the nest
  • Big Boy - 15 year old BOB son
  • Radical - 9 year old BOB son who fyi is not RAD
  • Felpsy aka lil middle - 4 year old BOTH boy who is RAD and is the cumin in our soup
  • Booger - 4 year old BOTH boy, sib to Felpsy, Twin to....
  • Princess - 4 year old BOTH girl. Diva,