Thursday, October 30, 2008

...I am so blessed.

Hubby is off on jury duty for a week or two. First of all, let me say, that we are not the people who try to get out of jury duty. In order for our justice system to work as our founding fathers intended, we must all view it as a privilege that most of the world does not have access to. And if you are ever on trial for something, I hope that you get someone like my husband on your jury.

But.....that means he isn't home, all day every day. He has had a home office for most of our life together, and for the past twelve years he has been completely accessible to me at all times. I can't even text him or email him while he is gone. Usually the very moment I have a thought that needs to be shared, or a question that needs to be answered, he is there and it gets off my list and voila, no mind clutter. Also, it is not possible for me to, every 42 seconds, hug him and kiss him and smell his neck while we are going about our days. Equally sad, when one of the trips is not playing well with others, I can't send them in to color with Daddy.

So, not that any of you care, but I'm off for my run, hoping to get in three miles today, then the grocery store - if you need anything txt me, then an ortho appt for Big Boy, then get the kids. love you bye

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