Monday, October 6, 2008

...for a review/preview of my weeks.

Appointments need to be made. Dental times four kids, make that five, and orthodontia for one. Also need at least one haircut. Need a fire inspection, a health inspection and have to get the dog into the vet. Just thinking about that many phone calls has me exhausted, let alone the following through with part. Although hubby will do the vet and at least one of the dentals, it's so nice to get to share our burdens.

Week 2 of the Couch to 5K. That means running. For nine minutes out of 90, yeah. I was so tempted to run last week. But I'm following the program. It's been easy so far....

Socially, I'm having lunch with the Bevy leaders from the Jane's groups. At the best place to eat, aside from my house, in Region 11. Need to take up the offer from B & R to come hang at their pool before it gets too cold. I'll bring dinner.

I think this will be the first week since school has started that there isn't some sort of open house, Meet the teacher, PTA meeting, program or other such school related activity in the evening. Although being at the neighborhood school now makes it easier to attend such functions. I will admit to having only attended one of the functions, hubby goes as our family representative to anything that would require civility for an extended period of time.

Big Girl came home for the weekend. It was odd having an adult child. But oh so much better for our relationship. Her roommate has taken over the role as 'mom' so the gentle reminders to be responsible weren't coming from me. I just got to feed her and give her money, which she'd earned. So, definitely not having to parent her will be beneficial for us.

Sacrifices made because we refuse to use credit. Example One. Example Two was in the neighborhood this weekend. But, we are cash flowing a contentious adoption, paying our property taxes outside of escrow, paying room and board in college, so "live like no one else, so later we can live like no one else."

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