Wednesday, October 8, 2008

...better day

I don't think that I actually posted my whine festival from the other day, but today has been better. Let's blame hormones. Not those, the thyroid. Mine's whacky, but when I forget to take my meds daily, I get better. Yes, I said forget to take them daily. Yes, I should see my doctor....but why bother when caffeine, sugar and exercise help so much? Maybe I'm bipolar. That's the trendy mental illness this week, right? Please email me your comments on how mental illness is no joke.

I was also a little bummed because you apparently need a buffer friend to hang with me. You know, get a text

"hey let's meet for coffee"

"K where?"

"never mind Jane can't make it"

Excuse me? Did you just uninvite me to coffee? Am I such a yawn fest that you can't bear to spend 45 minutes with me? OK, I have about 900 things to do anyway. So, in the future please confirm with the buffer before you invite me, or better yet, spend your time with someone you like. Thanks.
(btw this applies only to girls. All guys still need a buffer before inviting me out for drinks, so says my husband, can't blame the guy for keeping my hot self for himself)

Good news, our paralegal is going to the other country tomorrow to do some work. Yea! Progress. Boo -$600

Is it just me or is 90 too hot for October? Although, I have not yet found an acceptable alternative to February. Could there be a colder, more miserable month?

Purchased four pumpkins today, sad to say they didn't survive. Apparently "we're just going to carry them outside" means, "we're going to go smash the bejeebers out of them".

And if anyone is in the market for a house in the Omaha area, let me know. My sister in Colorado would like to sell one.

Alright, that is all for now. I am off to screen buffer friends make dinner.

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JustTheFactsMa'am said... lame to need to buffer. I only do that when there's a large group of people involved, and it's not a buffer so much as someone guaranteed to talk to me and help me avoid awkward social situations.

In any case, BOO-HISS to the person who un-invited you. Sorry to hear it bummed you out!

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