Friday, September 12, 2008

...I'm Glad I'm Not God

I'm glued to the tv coverage of Hurricane Ike. My brother is a weather junkie, I guess along with the proximity to my own home, some of his nerdiness carried on down the line.

People living on the barrier islands directly in the path of a major hurricane are not leaving. Hello people. 911 won't help you. Don't cry on CNN tomorrow that you almost died. You had every chance to leave.

This is why I would make a horrible god. I would strike them all down immediately for being stupid. But I'm just plain tired of all the crap this world has to offer.

Our church offers a test on different gifts and talents one might be inclined towards. I failed the grace test. Badly. I know it's a lesson that I will have to learn, but I am not inclined towards it. I have learned the hard way to have grace for pregnant teens and horrible parents. I hope that I learned the easy way to evacuate in a hurricane.

I guess the nice thing about knowing that I'm not inclined towards grace is that I am aware of it. I can recognize it and correct it. Kind of like knowing that I like men, and avoiding the ones I don't want to sleep with. That would be all of them, except of course my own man.

So, anyway, I'm glad God has it covered. I haven't quite gotten there.

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Tracey said...

Yes, I agree these people are crazy! When I heard the radio announcer say that Galviston would be submerged and if you stayed it would probably mean your immenent death...UGGHHH....GET OUT NOW!

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