Sunday, September 7, 2008

...I learned this, finally.

I know I'm about six months behind but Cool Huh?

I think this will be so annoying fun.

I'm a total blognoramous. So much so, that the first time I published this it completely crossed off my entire blog. Hilarious aren't I?


Sohl Gal said...

So can you tell me how to do it?? Because I still haven't figured it out. *sigh*

Annie said...

Since you can use html tags in comments I don't know if this will show up right but

Nope doesn't work. I'm going to change some things so it should work if you can translate

( = <
) = >

(del) whatever you want crossed out (/del)

Remember, I only advise because I would screw it up ( = <

Tracey said...

Annie...thanks for the invite on the other blog...I've never done someone else's blog...please check it out...was there something imparticular you wanted me to write about...let me know if it's ok!

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