Wednesday, June 18, 2008

...adoption and the Caymon Islands

Confused? What does one thing have to do with the other? Well, ask Diego. Go, Diego, go, Diego. He is on Nickelodeon urging all the kiddos to come to the Caymon Islands and pet the turtles.

I'd love to Diego, but I can't bring my babies. I can afford to, I would like to, but I'm only shacking up them. We are not legally bound. (Is this where I comment on gay marriage? No, another day.) While it seems trivial, the wording on their birth certificates prohibits me from being their parent. I can act like one, I get to do all of the fun stuff like doctor visits and barf clean up, but in order for me to take them to a waterpark not far from here, but in another county, I need permission from the court. These are your tax dollars at work.

Is it any wonder why people are not interested in becoming foster parents. It's like we're on probation for someone else's crime. To become a foster parent now you need to be fingerprinted, get permission to leave the county, check in with a caseworker on a weekly basis. While I've never been convicted of anything it seems to me a lot like I have.

Court is scheduled for a couple of weeks from now, the state is pressuring the county to resolve this long overdue case. Legally it is two and a half years overdue. I can't help but wonder if the county court will do something outlandish to prove they can resolve their own matters in whatever way they choose. It is merely a wonder and not a worry. I know that it is in God's hands. I know that this case will resolve itself one way or another when He allows it.

Until then Diego will have to wait.


Megan said...

I'll keep ya'll in my prayers that you can move forward and make this thing legal!

Tracey said...

I feel you pain....been through this myself.

See my post

Best of Luck!

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