Saturday, May 31, 2008

...Willing to pay good dough,

Several years ago I read an article by a woman who was a SAHM and depressed. She loved to cook but hated to clean and ended up feeling like a failure. She had an acquaintance that was also a SAHM whose house was always picture perfect and wondered why her friend had it all together while she was living in squalor. Her friend meanwhile was sick of take out and freezer meals, and wondered how her friend always found the time to make a gourmet meal.

They lived their lives in quiet desperation until one day one of them broke down. They both realized that the solution to each of their problems was each other. From that day on they spent two days a week together. One day at each of their houses. On that day the cleany friend cleaned the house, whose ever house they were at, and the cooky friend made dinners for each of them for the week. Not only did they solve their individual problems they gained a friendship the writer referred to as her new tribe.

It has only been in recent history that women have walled themselves inside their homes trying to do it all. Telling my age a little here, but I remember the commercial where the woman could "bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, and never let him forget he's a man," implying to us that SHE has it all together and SHE has a job. Before SHE came along we used to meet at the well to gather our water, and at the river to wash our clothes. We gathered around our teepees while some of us cooked, some of us watched kids, and spent our days with others. Now, we are culturally intimidated into doing all of it ourself.

While I could claim myself THE victim I know there are others out there.

I guess I should hang a sign around my neck stating "Will Make Hot Fresh Bread in Exchange for House Cleaning".

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