Friday, May 30, 2008

...Google Me

People found me by Googling "my kids are stupid". Just for fun I Googled "my kids are stupid" just to see. I went through FIVE pages, and I wasn't there. I am wondering just how stupid these kids were that the parents could not get the answers they were looking for in the first five pages.

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Cast of Characters

  • BOB - Born of the body children
  • BOTH - Born of the heart children
  • Roran aka Big Girl - 18 year old BOB daughter - recently booted from the nest
  • Big Boy - 15 year old BOB son
  • Radical - 9 year old BOB son who fyi is not RAD
  • Felpsy aka lil middle - 4 year old BOTH boy who is RAD and is the cumin in our soup
  • Booger - 4 year old BOTH boy, sib to Felpsy, Twin to....
  • Princess - 4 year old BOTH girl. Diva,