Monday, December 10, 2007

...Vacation: Day Two

For the first time in months/maybe years we were able to sleep until we woke up, we had no place to go. That is truly a vacation. We were up in time for breakfast, and the way our loft was arranged our bedroom overlooked the kids sleeping area and we were able to throw their clues down to them and go back to sleep.

Their clue for the day included more money, and instructed them to get breakfast and pick up some vacation brochures for stuff they wanted to do that day. We caught up with them in the Guest House, and had several proposals for the days activities. After a very good breakfast we decided on the Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History.

When we arrived at the just in time for the Planetarium show. They were running fractals, it made me a little woozy. Everyone enjoyed the show, I enjoyed my nap. The museum was very nice. Had lots of dinosaurs, lots and lots of rocks, we even got to watch, what I presume to be, geologists looking for fossils.

After that we went to Old Town Albuquerque, lots of cute little shops with touristy type things. Hot air balloon souvenirs everywhere. Then it was back to the hotel until dinner time. Which was Florida retirement village early.

We were eating on top of Sandia Peak, we were riding the Worlds Longest Aeriel Tram to a restaurant at 10,000+ feet. Little altitude sickness trivia. For every 4,000 feet in elevation you are changing upwards, you need to rest 24 hours before attempting the change. We were coming from sea level, we'd spend a day at 6,400 feet, going up another 4,000 feet, we were a little winded and light headed by the end of dinner.

On the tram ride up we saw the setting sun, and the city of Albuquerque, and the mountains in the distance, actually old volcanoes, but all very beautiful. With the sun setting at 4:50 dinner was early. We wanted to go up in daylight and come down in darkness, so we could see it both ways. Most of the ride up was visible, but there was a cloud sitting on Sandia Peak, and it would remain there for the evening. We did get our annual fill of snow though, just about 10 minutes worth. Plenty for me. The restaurant was very nice, not as salty as the national chains, the desserts were very good. When we were done we headed back down the mountain. Unfortunately that cloud was still sitting there, and we were almost down to the ground before we could see the city lights. It was still very much worth it. The kids were texting their friends like mad, guess where we are, and it's snowing.

After dinner we went to the Botanical Gardens and looked at their Christmas lights. It was a lot of fun, there were carolers, and lots of lights, and a fun kids maze area, we got lost, then we figured it was a maze. We're bright, intelligent adults.

So all in all, day two was a lot of fun, I was really looking forward to day three. I had been waiting for the hot air balloon festival for a couple of months, and I was sooooo excited.

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