Thursday, December 27, 2007

...maybe I'm a bitch

Maybe I am, but sometimes people are stupid. Today I took my nearly fifteen year old to get his eyes checked. Last week when I made the appointment I asked if there would be any paperwork for me to sign. I also made an appointment for my seventten year old.
She went on Friday with no problem, and I needn't sign anything.

Today as I dropped the boy off I asked again about needing to sign anything. Nope. He was waiting in the car with the three three year olds. I sent him in and went to the bank. About the time I sent the vacutube through, my phone rings, I need to sign something before they can see him. So back I go.

Please send out anything I need to sign, I requested very nicely, as I have three three year olds. They sent out one page. Signed and off to another errand.

This time I got about a mile away, they called. More stuff to sign. IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE THAT I NEED TO SIGN? Don't make me bring in my babies, cause I'll do it.

As you might guess, midway through my Sonic order my phone rings. We need your signature, he's a minor, "usually parents stay with their children". OK you want me there, I'm coming.

Me and the three and my gallon of Sonic go in to sign yet another paper. It only took about five minutes for someone to inform me that they could call me when my son was finished. I looked up briefly from my pda and told her "usually parents stay with their children".

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