Thursday, October 4, 2007

...I get a do over.

My absolute favorite concept of God is each day is a new day. It's also my least favorite, but that is how life is. I love that my husband always has a plan, but does he always have to plan... I've become quite comfortable with the concept of each day being new. But not until last night did I put that together with each week being a new week, and each year being a new year. We have an awesome church, and the first Wednesday of the month for communion and worship. One of the songs we sang last night had a line in it, "he restores your wasted years." That's a big one for me, our pastor refers to those years as the decade delay, you know, you get on the wrong path and wake up ten years later, that was me.

I have reconciled with myself and with God the fact that those years are gone, and are forgotten by God, never had I thought that they'd be restored. Duh. All things work to the glory of God. Paul did some amazing things with his life, made more remarkable by the fact that he was once Saul. Of course my nemesis would have me to kick myself periodically for wasting ten years, when I could have done so much more. But my savior tells me that "THIS is the day that the Lord has made."

I know that I will have the same struggles as I had yesterday, and will continue to have to practice overcoming the same old things, but each day is an opportunity to grow, and one day I will overcome the world.

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